Light-UA Table 180

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TL 1564

Light-UA Table Collection

A top that gives the idea of ​​being almost suspended in the air, supported exclusively by two legs in transparent tempered glass that are almost invisible. The glass legs are thin - 1.5 cm - but extremely solid and sturdy, enough to hold the solid wood top. Light as well as being elegant is very functional: it is also available in the extendable version, so as to adapt to any space and need.

Extremely versatile, Ubique is a collection of tables with a strong personality and with a high level of customization possible for the top. The top, fixed or extendable, is in solid wood and is available in rustic knotted oak (natural or antique) with a thickness of 3.2 cm. Furthermore, the edges, according to tastes, can be straight, debarked, beveled or crossed. UA tables are also available extendable, with two 50 cm extensions (straight and beveled edge only). Discover also the new light gray resin-coated walnut wood, available for fixed tops with straight edges.

Dimensions: 90cm x 75cm x 180cm

Lead time: approx. 4-6 Weeks



Base - Glass

VTE - Transparent Tempered Glass


RNA - Massive Natural Oak

ROAK - Massive Old Oak