Clock Lori

Lead Time: Approx. 4 weeks

Wall clock

Lori is a handmade, modern version of the cuckoo clock. The shiny bird sings to you almost every hour of the day. Clock Lori is handmade with concrete with a sleek 3D pattern and a high-gloss gold-coloured bird and pendulum. It is this fine contrast that makes this clock so desirable. The little birdy announces, during the day, every new hour with a song and a cuckoo sound. Unless you forget to keep Lori’s battery charged, she’ll never skip a second of telling the right time. 

  • Lori is a modern, modestly sized wall clock, running on batteries.  
  • Lori’s concrete house is casted with a sleek graphical pattern. 
  • Between 10:00 P.M. and 06:00 A.M. Lori will not make a sound, so you can have a pleasant sleep.  
  • This cuckoo clock is made by hand.